Taplet Dual-Core 1.5GHz (CPU + GPU) 4GB WIN 8+ Android 4.03

Taplet Dual-Core 1.5GHz (CPU + GPU) 4GB
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รายละเอียดสินค้า Taplet Dual-Core 1.5GHz (CPU + GPU) 4GB WIN 8+ Android 4.03

Taplet Dual-Core 1.5GHz (CPU + GPU) 4GB WIN 8+ Android 4.03

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Operating system: WIN 8+ Android 4.03 system
The main Frequency: Dual-Core 1.5GHz (CPU + GPU)
Battery Specifications: Built-in 4800MAh lithium polymer battery
Memory: DDR3 1GB
Storage Capacity: 4GB / +8 G / +16 G flash optional
Master chip: VIM8850 Cortex A9
Body colors: true black piano paint. Former black white piano lacquer black after red piano lacquer. Before the black after the blue piano paint
Fuselage features: ultra-thin body Tablet PC, USB, HDMI, TF card slot, headphone, power supply, Mini USB connected peripheral functions, intelligent power management, battery life Wifi open four hours
Screen parameter: 7-inch, dot matrix 800X480 HD pixels
Touch screen: 5:00 flat screen touch control screen, anywhere
The main screen material: TFT ultra high-definition display
Basic functions
Input Method: Chinese input method, English input method, third-party input method
Camera: of front 3 million pixel camera
Input Method: Handwriting touch, external keyboard
Convenient office: editing tools word excel ppt so easy to get
3D gravity sensor: support screen 360 ° gravity sensor, switch the screen anyway
3G Internet access, keyboard, mouse, U disk and other external devices can be extended for an external OTG:
Screen lock: support lock screen to go into standby power saving mode
Game features: built-in games, millions of Android Games Free matter how you play the
Internet features: easy Internet access, online video, Landlords, QQ video, micro letter, read the news, everything
Reset function: reboot the host function
Language menu: Simplified Chinese, English, Traditional Chinese and multi-language support
Data: WAP browser WWW browser PC data synchronization to GMAIL mailing WLAN
Flash features: support for Flash Player 11.1
Internet support: WIFI wireless Internet access, cable Internet, dial-up, 3G Internet, four ways the Internet
Wifi function: 802.11b / g
3G Internet: support external 3G network card device
Personal Assistant: Email recording electronic dictionary world time alarm clock calculator memo calendar
Video playback: Full format support 1080P HD playback (video support zoom function)
Video Output: HDMI HD output
Audio playback: MP3 WAV playback WMA playback AAC, AAC + playing WAV, WMA recording
Play modes: single player, single cycle, the order of play, random play
The Lyrics Show: the support online lyrics display
Physical buttons: a switch machine key Volume 2 key ESC 1 keys
Wallpaper features: support for video as wallpaper
Audio: Built-in 1W × 2 stereo speakers Built-in monaural recording
Size: 200 * 127 * 10m

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