Refurbished Huntron ProTrack I

Refurbished Huntron ProTrack I
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Huntron ProTrack I

The Huntron ProTrack I enables the user to set the applied voltage, frequency and source resistance to best match the circuit characteristics and display the optimum Tracker signature. Connecting to a personal computer will allow for creation of complete test routines and signature storage.
Three variables make up a Tracker test range: voltage (V), internal Tracker resistance (R) and AC sinewave frequency (F). By testing with different combinations of voltage and resistance, you can view signatures for each of the components of the composite signature. The ProTrack I benchtop instrument lets you set and store 20 customized test groups, with four test ranges for each group. Connecting the Model 20 to a computer lets you create and store customized test ranges for an unlimited number of components and pins







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