Refurbished Huntron Tracker 2000A

Refurbished Huntron Tracker 2000A
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Huntron Tracker 2000A

The Huntron 2000A Tracker is the ideal complement to every test equipment arsenal. Since testing is done in circuit, with the power off, the Tracker can quickly isolate failures at the component level and find faults that scopes, multimeters and expensive ATE can not. The 2000 gives the operator the ability to dynamically test a wide range of devices with a choice of three frequencies (50/60Hz, 400Hz and 2000Hz) and a pulse generator with adjustable output level (0 to +/-5V) and duty cycle (approx. 0 to 100%).


 Current vs. voltage signature isolates defective analog, digital and hybrid components and boards without programming or fixturing

  Adjustable rate Compar-A-Trace mode compares signatures of suspect components and boards with known-good parts

  Four impedance ranges with auto and manual ranging and high-range lockout








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