เครื่องถอดเปลี่ยนไอซีขนาด BGALAB 9800w

เครื่องถอดเปลี่ยนไอซีขนาด BGALAB 9800w
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  • หมวดหมู่ : Automatic BGA rework station
  • รหัสสินค้า : 000191

รายละเอียดสินค้า เครื่องถอดเปลี่ยนไอซีขนาด BGALAB 9800w


specifications and technical parameters:

1 Total Power 9800W
2 Top heater 1200W
3 Bottom heater 2nd  heater 1200W,3rd IR heater 7200W
4 power AC220V±10%     50/60Hz
5 Dimensions 1100×1300×1700mm(LCD stand not included)
6 Positioning V-groove PCB support, and with external universal fixture
7 Temperature control K-type thermocouple (Closed Loop), heating independently, temperature precision within ±1 degree
8 PCB size Max 500×600mm Min 10×20 mm
9 Electrical materials Servo Drive( Panasonic)+Industrial Host+ Heating plate(Germany)
10 Optical system Servo Drive+ Automatic Vision Alignment System (Panasonic)
11 BGA chip 2×2-80×80mm
12 External temperature sensor five
13 Work Mode Computer intelligence operations
14 Placement Accuracy X, Y axis and the R angle with micrometer adjust, servo drive, accuracy within ± 0.005MM
15 Net weight 400kg


Main Features  
1. This machine adopts industrial computer control, full automatic vision alignment system can acquire BGA and the PCB image through the CCD camera and collect them on the image positioning processing system, calculate the offset position and angle through image processing software, then re-transmission to motor drive of servo controller to correct the position, thus completing the BGA placement. Fast response, positioning accuracy is up to ± 0.005MM; Equipped with keyboard, mouse and 15 〃 HD LCD monitor;
2. during mounting, the machine can automatically analyze, search, modify the location of BGA and PCB, and through the nozzle to automatically pick up BGA and mount it to the specified pad; When desoldering, it can automatically remove the BGA on PCB and place it to the specified location;
3. The upper heater can be moved freely, the system X, Y-axis and R angle are used Panasonic servo control system; optical alignment, can be 360 degrees rotated, automatically positioning,  automatic error correction system, so that the PIN bit on BGA and  PCB pad fully matched;
4. Mounting speed can be controlled according to work requirements.
5. Top heater head and mounting head independent design prevent the suction pen from deformation by hot air. Z-axis movements are controlled by Panasonic servo system which can accurately control the site and hotspots; different size of BGA nozzle, 360 degree rotation, easy to install and replace. Customized is available;
6.There are 3 independent heaters. The 1st and 2nd hot-air heaters can control multiple groups and segments temperature parameters. The 3rd large area IR heater can preheat the PCB board fully to ensure no deformation to the board. Temperature, time, slope, cooling, alarming all can be displayed on the touch screen.
7.High-precision K-type thermocouple with closed loop control, PID auto-tuning system temperature system, combined with Panasonic PLC and highly sensitive temperature module for the precise temperature control, the temperature error controlled within ± 1 degree; The external 5 sensors can detect temperature precisely, analyze and calibrate the real temperature curve accurately;
8.V-groove PCB support, rapid positioning, convenience, accuracy, can fit for all kinds of PCB board;
9.Flexible and removable universal fixture has protective effects and no damage to the PCB board, suitable for all kinds of BGA repair.
10. Mounting, welding and dewelding process are intelligent controlled and work automatically; BGA mounting position is controlled accurately; after finishing desoldering and soldering, there is alarming. When temperature goes out of control, the circuit w automatically power off; after finishing desoldering and soldering with a double over-temperature protection, there is alarming. When temperature goes out of control, the circuit automatically power off;
11. It can save and memory 1000 sets of temperature parameters of BGA chips positioning points and sites. Can analyze and modify the temperature parameters on the touch screen at any time; display and store 8 temperature curves and multiple sets of user data. It can analyze the movement curve instantly;
12.powerful cross-flow fan to cool the PCB board automatically after desoldering and soldering, it can prevent the deformation of PCB board to ensure the welding effect;
13. The emissions generated during welding can be automatically discharged, to ensure the health the operator and environmental protection;
14.This machine is equipped with pressure and optical sensors. to control the pressure in 3-10 grams and optical switches, so that it can automatically recognize the suction chip and mounting height, to ensure not crush BGA chip; It can repair Socket775 and double BGA / CGA / IC and various shielding devices, meet the requirement of lead-free process
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